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Clark’s Roofing Painting and Remodeling, LLC is a certified, full-service roofing company, experienced in all areas of roofing services. You can count on us for speedy service you need it most. No job is too big or too small!  We offer affordable solutions for every budget. Our roofing experts are highly skilled and have all undergone rigorous training to ensure that you receive excellent service. We have made it our mission to exceed your expectations when it comes to providing quality and superior customer service. Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling, LLC provides assurance to each and every customer that YOUR satisfaction is OUR guarantee.

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Do You Know the Benefits of Residential Roofing Repairs?

As the seasons pass, the positives of roof repair can have relevance to any roof. Weigh these factors if you need more information on the value of roof repair. 

Detect Leaks: A ceiling covered with brownish blots. The standard traces of leaking water, typically materialize too late to prevent damage. Our workers stay aware of the indicators of water penetration while we perform roof repairs, and will save you money through early repairs. 

Avoid Costly Replacement:  When done with regularity and discipline, inspections and usual repairs will award you a longer-lasting, more resilient roof. Want to make your residence more visually appealing? Go with roof repair. A residence’s curb appeal gets negatively impacted through old age or damage to a roof. A damaged roof will easily outweigh whatever efforts you invest into your landscaping and other areas. 


Flashing Repair

The valleys and seams of your roof are exposed, and vulnerable to damage, so flashing is in place to protect those areas. Flashing fulfills more than protect exposed areas, however, as it also effectively directs water away from your roof, and into your gutters.


Roof Replacement

Your roof system is meant to protect your house but similarly to any part of your house, it can only do so for a finite length of time. At Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling, our experts work hard to be the roofers you can rely on when your roof needs replacement. Our experience works to our client’s advantage, as it allows us to complete your roof replacement faster than many of the other roofers around town. In our years of doing this, we’ve noticed that there never seems to be a convenient time for a roof to be replaced. Most roof issues seem to happen at the worst possible times, in fact, but our professional roofer are here to help. 


Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

The conclusion that a roofing system requires replacement typically boils down to an issue of degree. A small number of absent shingles can’t typically get fixed, for instance. However, a wealth of compromised shingles will showcase a necessity for a complete new roof. Call our team today for a review if you possess any doubts about the durability of your roof. 

Missing or Damaged Shingles

A roofing system requires replacement if it has a great variety of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles. Many repaired shingles will only make your roof appear patch worked. Displaced or broken shingles will additionally signal larger, hidden problems with your roof. Damaging winds may only have displaced a small number of shingles, while making the remainder unstable and ready to go at any time.


Age should count as a major indicator of the requirement for roof replacement. For example, most shingle roofs endure for about 20 years. A roof that has lasted that amount of time must, at least, have a review. An aged roof can look fine, especially to amateur eyes. 


When to Repair vs. Replace your Roof

Some of the issues in your roof can be repaired. However, you will need to go ahead and replace your roof in other instances. Hence, it is important to be aware on when to repair and when to replace as well. 

Here is a list of few factors, which you must consider before taking this decision. 

  • To begin with, you need to take a look at the age of roof.  Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years in Texas. If the shingles on your roof are that old, you need to understand that repair probably isn’t the best bet. Therefore, you are encouraged to go ahead and replace the roof. Even if you repair your roof, there is a high possibility for the same issue to come again. You never want to deal with this and you must go ahead with a roof replacement. 
  • When you do a roof inspection because of a leak, you will notice how widespread the lead potentially is. If the crack in your roof is a massive one, it would not be a great option to go ahead with repairs. Instead you are encouraged to think about going forward with a roof replacement. That’s the best solution available to overcome this hassle. 
  • You should also consider the time that you are going to live in the house before making this decision. If you are planning to spend your time in the same house for at least a decade, you need to go forward with a roof replacement. This can help you to keep the peace of mind for years to come. 
  • If you don’t have any environmentally friendly materials on your roof, you can think about replacing the roof instead of repairing it. In addition to that, you need to check if replacing your roof with a new material can help you enhance the overall energy efficiency of your house as well. If so, you can make the decision without keeping a doubt in mind. 



Clark’s Painting and Remodeling strives to serve you, the customer, and provide you the finest workmanship.

In order to assure you of superior quality, all paint services, with some exceptions*, completed by Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling are guaranteed not to peel or flake for a period of THREE years from the date of completion of the job. This warranty is limited to workmanship. The paint itself is guaranteed by the paint manufacturer and not by Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling. Some issues of peeling may be due to influences other than the workmanship and are not covered by this warranty.

If defect in workmanship appears and is reported to Clark’s Painting and Remodeling in writing within the THREE year period. Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling will inspect the affected areas and make any necessary repairs to the paint. Wood, masonite, brick, metal and all other substrates are not covered by this warranty. 

The sole remedy against Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling shall be for repairing the defective paint area and not any consequential damages to substrates or anything else. 


The following items are not covered by this warranty. Exterior doors painted with oil enamel, all exterior thresholds, garage doors and exterior sheet rock ceilings. Areas where paint is exposed to excessive water such as areas low to the ground or near automatic sprinklers are excluded from any warranty since standard exterior paints are not intended to be exposed to excessive water. 

The following items are covered by a ONE year warranty: carpentry, stained exterior doors, decks, fences and other exterior stained surfaces.

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