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Interior Painting

Every interior paint job begins with a thorough inspection. Preparation work consists of removing all switch plates and filling all nail holes. Flooring and furniture will be thoroughly masked for protection. All cracks along door jams, baseboards, etc., will be caulked. Any major cracks will be repaired by taping and bedding if especially noted on proposal. Our trained personnel are experts in matching any wall texture. Any stains will be sealed with primer prior to painting. If the painting woodwork needs to be repainted, we begin by lightly sanding, cleaning with lacquer thinner, priming as necessary, caulking and follow up with a finishing coat, using an oil based enamel. It is important to note that Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling sprays or brushes doors, cabinets and paneling when feasible to provide a professional finish. Since all flooring, wallpaper, and furnishings are sealed by masking, spraying poses no risk of over spray. After paint is dry, all masking is then rolled up and removed from the job. If painter does proper masking and preparation, spraying leaves the cleanest job with the best professional finish.

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We are experts at painting stained cabinets and paneling. We clean, sand and caulk, prime with one coat of the top quality primer, and finish with one coat of oil enamel. Each coat of primer and paint is sprayed to provide a professional finish. 

We offer painting for the following areas:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Trim
  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Stain to paint cabinets
  • Paneling
  • Stain to paint paneling
  • Windows
  • Garage floor
  • Texture sheetrock repairs
  • Carpentry repairs

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    Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling strives to serve you, the customer, and provide you the finest workmanship.

    In order to assure you of superior quality, all paint services, with some exceptions*, completed by Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling are guaranteed not to peel or flake for a period of THREE years from the date of completion of the job. This warranty is limited to workmanship. The paint itself is guaranteed by the paint manufacturer and not by Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling. Some issues of peeling may be due to influences other than the workmanship and are not covered by this warranty.

    If defect in workmanship appears and is reported to Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling in writing within the THREE year period. Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling will inspect the affected areas and make any necessary repairs to the paint. Wood, masonite, brick, metal and all other substrates are not covered by this warranty. 

    The sole remedy against Clark’s Roofing, Painting and Remodeling shall be for repairing the defective paint area and not any consequential damages to substrates or anything else. 


    The following items are not covered by this warranty. Exterior doors painted with oil enamel, all exterior thresholds, garage doors and exterior sheet rock ceilings. Areas where paint is exposed to excessive water such as areas low to the ground or near automatic sprinklers are excluded from any warranty since standard exterior paints are not intended to be exposed to excessive water. 

    The following items are covered by a ONE year warranty: carpentry, stained exterior doors, decks, fences and other exterior stained surfaces.  

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